DAD GmbH bothers manufacturers all over Europe (EU)

The company DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH, Neuer Wall 65, 20457 Hamburg, Germany with its director Daniela Kunst sends its „application forms“ to foreign corporations in Romania and Croatia amongst others.

 The headline on these forms stated as „European Business Number“ promotes the web page „www.e-b-n.eu“.

At first sight said forms appear to be sended by public authority.

Information according to the companies have allready been entered. The recepiant is requested to complete or rather revise these information.

 Only the fine print shows a hidden indication:

 „(…)The advertisement costs amount to 677 Euro per year,(….) The order is valid for the next three years from date( …) “.

 With this scam DAD is operating for years and gaining financial success by squeezing money out of the parties involved.

 Because potential target groups are not really aware of those data bases the actual advertising value is more than questionable. But a DAD customer is supposed to pay € 2.031,00 anyhow.

 In the past DAD received some negative judgement pronounced by the district of Hamburg:


 Some more reports can be found here:


 Only my brief as an attorney directed to DAD got me a written statement by DAD’s legal department.


But I am not really impressed at all by their legal explanations.


The according contract for work and labour would be subjected to German law.

But nowadays German jurisdiction seems to lean more against companies like DAD.


By now German judges are much more sensible when it comes to handling internet address agencies; certainly based on the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court relating a case of yellow pages published in the internet.


To me contracts with DAD based on forms as of February and May 2015 do strike as assailable respectively legally void.


Therefore I recommend not to be intimidated by neither invoices nor threats on behalf of DAD, but to hire a qualified collegue of mine.

This way you can ensure that there will be no more unjustified claims countering you.

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